There’s Something You Probably Didn’t Know About Cats. But These 15 Pictures Are Brilliant Proof.

We all know that cats are the ultimate masters at finding crazy places to crawl into for a nap, like tiny boxes or bowls. But did you know that cats have the ability to transform themselves into liquid?

Well if you go by the dictionary definition of a liquid then you could actually argue that cats are in fact liquids. Sounds crazy right, but not so much when you look at the definition of the word: “Liq·uid (noun) – a sample of matter that conforms to the shape of a container in which it is held.”

So basically a liquid is something that takes the shape of a container and maintains an almost-fixed volume…just like these silly cats below!


There you have it, those silly and lovable cats of ours are in fact liquids.

Note: All these photos are of cats that themselves got into the containers, cats like Ksyusha the kitten really just love to squeeze into the craziest of enclosures. None of these cats were injured or abused in the selected photos.


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