She’s Attacked By A Total Stranger. 2 Months Later, Her Boyfriend Sees A Photo Online…


After being attacked…she did the sweetest thing!

#1 A Red Light Attack

26-year-old Maria was at a stoplight when she was brutally attacked by a robber, surviving a gun SHOT TO THE FACE! After two surgeries to fix her wounds, doctors were forced to remove her right eye…leaving the woman devastated.

#2 Along Came Bear


Two months later while still recovering, Maria’s boyfriend sent a letter to the Animal Rescue Foundation in Mobile, Alabama inquiring about an eight week old puppy named Bear. The adorable pup and Maria shared something in common…


#3 Similar Attack

Bear was the victim of an attack by another dog, where he too lost an eye! Maria’s boyfriend immediately wanted to adopt the dog after realizing he could possibly help Maria on her road to recovery…


#4 Match Made In Heaven

Maria fell in love with Bear the moment she saw him, as well as helped her appreciate the life she was given despite her circumstance. “Like me, he is a survivor,” she said. “We are not victims, we are survivors who get to share our story.”

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