She’d Been Delivering Pizza to Him For Weeks, But Knew She Had to Act When She Got A Peek Inside


Pizza is a delicious food and super unique in that you can easily get it delivered almost anywhere. Sure, sometimes we like to make our own pizza (and sometimes we’re pretty creative), but like many Americans, we’ve had a pizza delivered from time to time.

Usually, you’d expect a pizza delivery driver just to deliver food, like pizza, breadsticks, maybe some soda or dessert. One pizza delivery driver delivered something much more unusual and much more expensive for free.


Angela Nguyen is a delivery driver for Domino’s, and one of her regular deliveries is to a 76-year-old man named Lee Haase. She could count on him to order pizza every Saturday night.

If Lee had picked up the pizza himself from his local Domino’s, Angela never would’ve known about his living conditions. You see, he had a series of bad luck. After his son died from a snowmobile accident, a storm damaged the roof of his home, making it basically unlivable. He has pretty much given up and didn’t have the motivation to change his luck.

Angela’s daughter Sarah is also a driver for Domino’s, and she couldn’t stand to see this older man living in a 12-foot camper that didn’t have any heat, electricity or plumbing. She and her mom decided they had to do something to help.


Angela said, “We can’t let a human being live like this…There’s no way somebody can live like that and be fine.”

The first thing this mother/daughter duo did was buy Haase a heater for his camper, but that was just the beginning. Sarah suggested they set up a Go Fund Me page, and it surpassed their expectations.  Angela said, “We got donations from as far as Australia.”

The Go Fund Me page raised over $32,000 in just 2 months, enough for Nguyen to buy Haase a new place to live. That’s right, a Domino’s driver delivered a new home for free to a loyal customer in need.

Nguyen and other volunteers presented the fully furnished trailer to Haase during the Christmas season. Everything inside was provided by members of the community. The home was complete with a decorated Christmas tree inside, and the kitchen and bathroom were fully stocked. ‘It’s wonderful,” said Haase. “I’m so grateful for the people doing this.”

Watch the video below for the full story and to see Haase’s reaction to his new home.

What’s something you’ve done to help someone in need?

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