She lost all her beauty because of surgeons and here is what she used to look like before…

Because of her “interesting” appearance, Andrea Ivanova gained a significant amount of notoriety all over the world.

Internet users were convinced that the girl was employing humorous filters in an effort to garner the attention of the general public.

The idea of beauty has changed significantly over time. Women try to imitate one another, but as a result they start to look more alike. You observe the same swollen lips, phony noses, and other physical traits as you go through the streets. Furthermore, many people overextend themselves in their pursuit of perfection without even realizing that not all that is magnificent and beautiful is desirable.

Because of her 27-fold larger lips, Bulgarian Andrea Ivanova, 22, believes that she is Barbie.

But check out these images! Either she’s a funny and spooky cartoon character or a real Barbie.


Andrea refuted the claims and said that she underwent more than twenty cosmetic procedures in an effort to approach the appearance of her ideal self.

A few days ago, historical photographs of the girl were uploaded to the Internet and made available for viewing. Andrea reflected her true self at that moment.

Before she had her operations, the girl had a pleasant personality and was pretty attractive.

How could doctors do that to a young lady and ruin her appearance?

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