After Seeing This, I Never Want To Go Back Home Again. And You Probably Won’t Either.

Walk through any random suburban neighborhood. What do you see?

More than likely the answer to that question is “the same thing, over and over.” For many cities, the neighborhoods in the suburbs will look pretty similar. It’s not a bad thing, but building rows of houses of a similar style is pretty common. Living amongst friends and neighbors that have a similar lifestyle to yours can be a supportive and wonderful part of life.


However, those cookie cutter neighborhoods are why it’s so refreshing to see unique homes and hotels like the ones below. These structures range from inner city living to the country, from costing a lot of money to very little. The most important thing behind these designs isn’t the money; it’s the inspiration.

(H/T Wish Picker)

If you are ever house-hunting in the future, remember: it’s not about who has the biggest and best house. Find a place to live that truly speaks to you, no matter what it looks like on the outside. Being unique can be an incredibly good thing, especially if you have one of these epic homes. Share them with others, click on the button below.

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