All This Veteran Wants? To See His High School Sweetheart One More Time…

Forget every Hollywood love story you’ve ever seen. This is the real deal — and talk about fate!

During a cross country flight, independent filmmaker Danielle Lurie met Jack, an 81-year-old widower and war veteran. After striking up a conversation, Danielle learned that Jack was flying across the country all the way to Virginia for one very special reason. He had tracked down his high-school sweetheart, Betty, and made it his mission to reunite with his long-lost love; Jack and Betty hadn’t seen each other in 62 years!

Because Danielle is a filmmaker, she had a camera in her luggage. She decided to film the this sweet old man for the duration of the trip, and  she made sure to be there to capture the big moment after landing at the airport!


I love how nervous he is before he meets Betty. Just goes to show that when love’s at hand, the butterfliesnever go away!

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