The sad goat refused to eat until he was reunited with his best friend

This emotional and life saving encounter shows how the friendship bond is one of the most powerful forces in the world!

Mr. G’s goat was rescued from an animal sanctuary, but after arriving at the animal sanctuary it became lukewarm and had not eaten or moved out of its stall for six days.


Mr. G had been living with a donkey (buru) named Jellybean for 10 years. The two friends were taken to separate rescue operations to save their lives.


But Animal Place hadn’t foreseen the depth of Mr. G’s bond with Jellybean. When they discovered the cause of Mister J’s depression, they arranged to bring Jellybean to him. What’s wonderful next!

It’s amazing how Mr. G ate from the bowl as soon as he came back with jellybean. The two will now spend the rest of their days together at The Animal Place, a 600-acre reserve.

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