Recent Unfiltered Images of Stone Without Makeup Grabbing Attention in the Media.

Stone showed herself with no cosmetics on and stormed the network! 🧐🤯No one was ready to see what the 65-year-old actress looks like in life! 😬😳See her unedited photos in this article! 

This world-renowned and enormously successful American actress has celebrated her 65th birthday. Recently, she has stormed the network with her unedited photos with no hint of makeup and left everyone speechless.


As expected, the opinions of network users varied greatly and her «honest» snapshots resulted in mixed reactions. Some couldn’t find words to express their pleasant surprise and praise for her bravery, while the others didn’t miss the chance to judge her.

An active debate occurred and her natural appearance soon became the subject of heated discussions. All in all, to say that the film star looked rather good for her age is nothing to say. She keeps redefying ageing stereotypes and standards.

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