She Weighed One Pound At Birth so Doctors Wrapped Her in the Smallest Thing They Have on Hand

This premature baby was SO SMALL she was wrapped with THIS!

#1 Baby Pixie

At just 28 weeks old, baby Pixie was born in to the world – weighing only 1.1 pounds! After birth, she was immediately rushed to the emergency neonatal care. She was taken care of very delicately, but you won’t believe what doctors wrapped her body in to keep her warm!


#2 Bag & Hat

Pixie was delivered through c-section unexpectedly, which left medical staff very little time to gather clothes to put her in while she was sent to the emergency room. So they decided to transport her while wrapped in a HAT and transparent sandwich BAG!


#3 She Survived


“It was so random that they had her in the [grocery store sandwich] bag – it must have just been what the operating theatre had at the time,” said Sharon Grant, Pixie’s mother. “It was amazing that she survived, but it was truly traumatic,” Sharon said, describing the three months that Pixie spent in an incubator, fighting off infections and health complications. “She kept being sick when they gave her milk and every time she was handled she would lose weight.”


#4 Getting Better

Pixie is now five months old and weighs 7.5 pounds. And while that is extremely small for most babies, it is a major triumph for Pixie. “When we went in the front door Pixie came alive. She was looking all over the place and could see what was happening,” Sharon said. “It’s so lovely to have her home; there’s been endless cuddles and lots of people eager to see her.”

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