Rescue Pit Bull Protects 6-Year-Old Girl With Severe Autism. This Is Phenomenal.

Amanda wants to show the world what kind of heart a “real” Pit Bull has inside. Lacy is Amanda’s 6-year-old daughter who has severe Autism and cannot speak; she’s completely non-verbal. Karma is a 9-year-old, 85-pound Pit Bull her family adopted as a puppy.

Lacy and Karma are best friends, as Karma has always been instinctively tapped into Lacy’s needs and wants, and nurtures and protects Lacy like her personal bodyguard. Amanda says Karma “is a blessing to my child and continues to be a blessing to our family.”


While many parents would be against this type of bond between child and dog, it’s clear from this video that Amanda and her family have made a wonderful decision. Pit Bulls truly are perceptive creatures that will put aside their needs for the needs of the child — especially children with special needs.

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