In this pictures of babies and dogs will make your day!!.. Does your dog do the same?

Check out these sweet photos of dogs holding babies like they were their puppies. The dogs are cuddling, and it’s amazing that they are not harming the babies.

In this photo taken as a screenshot from a YouTube video, a dog is sitting with his master in his own crib.

Can you think of anything cuter than seeing these big dogs bond with these small, defenseless humans?

This adorable photo shows a massive dog and a child bonding and holding hands. It’s amazing how the animal doesn’t perceive the child as a threat.


In the photo below, it seems as though the child is sleeping and the dog is watching over him.

Another peaceful photo shows a different child and his different pup. The kid doesn’t get up, he’s probably used to the dog laying on top of him when he goes to bed.

It’s the other way arond in this photo, where the baby is “resting his eyes” while using the family pet as his pillow.

Parents don’t seem to be afraid of leaving their children with their pets, even if the dogs could get uncomfortable, as shown in this series of pics.

Do you think that it is unsafe for you to leave you baby or infant with a large, possibly aggressive dog?

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