Passengers on the bus refuse to make room for the wheelchair user, only the driver to give them a taste of their medication


It goes without saying for me to make space for people with disabilities on public buses and trains. The idea of denying them access just because I’m too lazy to move is out of the question.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to have the same opinion. Every day, people around the world are being discriminated in one way or another.

After hearing what happened to the wheelchair user François Le Berry on the bus, I was amazed at the sheer ignorance of the people on board. When I learned what the bus driver was doing in response, he completely regained my trust in a little thing called karma …

The Frenchman Francois Le Berry suffers from multiple sclerosis, a neurological disease that over time attacks the central nervous system. The severe pain has left him in a wheelchair, but he is doing his best to adapt to the new life as a disabled person in Paris.

One day, while François was on the bus, a situation developed that shouts a “nightmare scenario” to anyone with a disability. The bus passengers refused to make room for him, which meant that François could not get into his wheelchair and thus could not start his journey.

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Reaction of the bus driver

Fortunately, the bus driver did not agree with his passengers. After realizing that only ignorant passengers were being denied access to the bus, François became furious.

“Get up. Everyone’s jogging,” asked the bus driver, according to what Francois had posted on Facebook about the accident.

Then the driver made sure everyone got off the bus so François could get on. He did this to teach them a lesson in how to be considerate of others who are less fortunate than themselves.

To get his point of view home, the driver instructed passengers to “wait for the next bus,” according to Francois Mail. Then he continued on his way.

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Driver will be punished

Shortly after François’ publication went into circulation, the news was picked up by several media outlets. The bus driver ended up in troubled waters because he violated the rules regarding the bus driver’s practices while on duty. Fortunately, he kept his job.

Directed by Autonome des Transports Parisiens, who runs the Paris Public Transport Department, caught the story’s attention and wanted to track down the driver. Ultimately, they decided not to punish him because they felt he was doing the right thing morally. Wonderful thinking!

Sometimes the people who are more focused than us need a reminder of how we treat others.

In my opinion, the world needs more people like this bus driver – brave enough to stand up for someone in need.

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