Onlookers Gazed as Grandfather Broke into Tears, Unveiling the Painful Reality Once They Discovered the Harsh Truth


Many of us go out to eat because it gives us an opportunity to relax and let someone else do the work for a while. Anybody can enjoy such a moment, but sometimes grandparents go out and have a bite to eat just to fill the time.

We know more than just the fact that grandparents care for their grandchildren, we also see the special occasions that sometimes surround the dinner they are enjoying. That was the case for the grandfather in this story, and it is sure to bring you to tears.

If you can think back on the time when you enjoyed being with your grandparents, you know that they are very special people. Of course, all family relationships are important but our grandparents just seem to have a very special part in our lives.

Erica Lusher is someone who understands the need to have that family connection, so she went from Port Orange, Florida to visit and surprise her father. The family had been apart for a while, and it was time for a visit.


It was more than 800 miles that they drove to give the grandparents a special surprise as they were eating at a local restaurant. The grandmother was the first one to notice, and she was in shock as she saw them walking across the restaurant.

When the grandfather notices his grandchild and daughter, he looks a little confused at first but suddenly, he begins crying. It’s amazing to see that his heart was melting and he just said ‘Buddy’ as they shared a warm hug.

We don’t often hear good news so it’s nice to see something that really puts a smile on our faces. I’m sure that this video is going to do it for you in great measure.

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