Oh, Sweet Revenge… How I love Thee : Woman Hilariously Gives Catcalling Construction Workers What They Deserve!


It’s payback time for all the catcalls women have had to endure from a group of sassy construction workers in the U.K.

Revenge is oh-so-sweet for a lady prankster named Jenny who is sick of being harassed on the street by the gang of hagglers. Jenny decides to enlist her friend Vic to help stop the catcalling construction workers once and for all. This time a ‘woman’ strolls down the block and the boys start yelling, she is prepared to give them the shock of a lifetime.

As Vic strolls down the block, the guys immediately notice and start barking and yelling things like “shake ‘em, you won’t break ‘em”. He then lifts up his skirt to reveal that the ‘she’ is really a HE!


Their reactions are absolutely priceless. It’s about time they got what was coming to them!

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