New trend – Lace shorts are there for men this summer


This is our favorite time of the year – the nights are getting lighter, the weather is warmer and shorts are sure to appear.

In anticipation of summer, the fashion world hastily presents the products of its season. Whether dresses, skirts or T-shirts, the most important clothing brands produce the essentials for summer. A company has taken summer dress to a whole new level.

We all know that fashion for 2019 has practically no rules. We are at a time when we can dress and express ourselves as we want. But that doesn’t explain the new mood … men’s top shorts. Sheer lace shorts can be added.

You cannot do these things.

Keep scrolling through Lacey’s clothing details. It opens your eyes to say the least …

The world of fashion is a crazy place.

Over the years, fashion has become more than just clothing.

It is gradually becoming more expressive and is often used for statements and not for the traditional use of humility and warmth.

What do you think?