I’m Blown Away By This Mother And Son. I’ve Never Seen ANYTHING Like It, And I’m Touched To Tears!


Linda and Timmy Bannan are a mother and son pair who know a thing or two about working together. Linda was born with Holt Oram syndrome, which is a rare disorder that causes someone to be born without arms, and also effects the heart. Linda said she never felt held back in life, and when she married her husband and they decided to have kids, she never considered the idea of terminating her pregnancy if her baby was born with the same disorder.

When Timmy was born, he had the same syndrome as Linda, but Timmy insists that he’s just like other kids. Neither uses prosthetics, and Linda has taught Timmy how to do everything with his feet.


This mother and son are an inspiration to anyone who is dealing with some kind of physical handicap!

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