You’ll Never Believe What This Guy Did to An Old Bus: WOW

#1 Meet Hank Butita

He’s an architecture graduate student with an idea for his final thesis project. He wanted to create and build something he could “throw away upon completion”, and not have it be expensive.


#2 The Project Begins

The spark for his project first started with building a home on his granddad’s land, but because of building codes, it was “cost prohibitive” and only allowed for a very tiny home. So he brainstormed further..


#3 The Housing-Bus Project

That’s when he then purchased a school bus for $3,000., and although it is small, he now didn’t have to abide with strict building land codes.

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#4 The Project Begins!

He had 15-weeks untill his school project presentation, BUT he got it done! Surprised, he found there was huge public interest in his bus/home, including that of NPR radio!

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#5 The Costs

The bus was purchased for $3,000 on Craigslist and took approximately $6,000 more to turn it into a living space with improvements. That’s a lot less money when compared to a down payment on a home!



#6 Making Good ‘Use’ Of Space

The mobile home is equipped with everything one could need for a comfortable lifestyle: two beds, a small kitchen and a bathroom. Apparently the “hardwood” floors are repurposed gym floors!


#7 The Folding Bed

Check it out! The multi-use seating area transforms into a large fold-out bed.

#8 Seeing The Stars

A skylight above the beds and emergency exit (slash) “sweet seat” gives one a peek up to the heavens. So cool!

#9 A Functional Vehicle

Omg! He can drive it away to a new location whenever he wants. Imagine having a view of the ocean one week and then the next, an awesome view of the mountains? Love it!

#10 The Text Drive & Journey

After Buttita’s final school presentation on the bus/home project, he decided to give it a test drive. He and friends embarked on a 5,000-mile road trip. Wow! Doesn’t look like he’ll be “throwing away” this project anytime soon! In fact, can we please order one?


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