Your neighbors will be insanely jealous.


Summer = BBQ season. That special time of year when people invite friends, family, co-workers (and basically anyone they want to impress) to their backyards for a cookout. Of course, the real reason is not to have some pre-made burgers and hot dogs. Instead it’s to show of the new deck, pool, or whatever extravagant thing they bought in the winter and are dying to show off. And no matter how much we know that’s the real reason, we still marvel at the crazy awesome stuff they buy. Because let’s face it, a waterfall in the backyard is pretty cool. enhanced-16632-1403292352-248

Well if this summer you want to save a bit of money, and still end up having more interesting things in your backyard no one else will have, check out these 28 do-it-yourself hacks that will leave everyone talking!


So… you ready for a trip to Home Depot? 

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