A Stray Mother Did Something INCREDIBLE To Save Her Puppies. This Video Left Me Speechless.

This is a love story for the ages.

Magic was a stray dog living on the streets of North Carolina. Cold, hungry and without a place to live, Magic gave birth to 6 puppies and made a ‘home’ for them under a log in the thick of the woods. After about two weeks, Magic decided her babies deserved better, so she did something amazing. She went to visit a woman who had been feeding her, and led the woman into the woods where the puppies were living. The woman alerted Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and this video shows what happened next.


These amazing volunteers arrived on the scene, followed Magic to that same spot in the woods and carefully brought each puppy to safety under Magic’s supervision. Notice how they comfort Magic by showing her each of her puppies, and how Magic seems to be a mix of emotions – nervousness, excitement and most of all, gratefulness to these wonderful heroes. All of the puppies have since been adopted, and as soon as the babies were weaned Magic was spayed. She was returned to the woman who had first found her, and is now a loved and cherished part of her family.

This video moves me to tears, and it’s one of my all-time favorites. Please SHARE Magic’s story of love with your family and friends.


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