Rude mom mocks ‘dirty’ man in front of her daughter, so he reveals his true identity


When this man decided to pick up a few things after work in Washington State he never gave it a second thought until…

While grocery shopping, Andy Ross noticed a little girl staring at him. Andy was legitimately dirty after a long day’s work in the woods, he knew it but he is used to his job and he didn’t give it too much thought then. Andy stood in the checkout line and the little girl was still staring.

Then, her mom whispered to her, “That’s why you need to stay in school.”

It was obvious that the mom was saying that because she thought Andy was a failure based on her first impression of his looks.


Andy wasn’t letting this slide if for no other reason then to let that little girl know the truth and educate her with his story. He confronted the mom and totally left her speechless with her preconceived ideas of him being a loser.

Then went on Facebook and posted a message that revealed his true identity and completely blew her preconceptions about him out of the water.

Andy’s message is one that we’d all do well to remember. Scroll down to read his powerful, surprising post:

Photo: Andy Ross/Facebook

“So I had a very interesting ‘educational’ conversation with a woman and her daughter today. As I entered the store before I got home, a little girl kept staring at me. Which is fine. I know that kids are curious when they see someone, especially as dirty as I was.

They ended up in front of me as I was checking out. Little girl still staring, her mother told her to stop staring. As they finished and headed towards the door, I hear her mom say quietly to the little girl, ‘That is why you need to stay in school.’ I figured this was a great time to educate this mother and her 7/8-year-old daughter. The following is our conversation:’

Photo: Andy Ross/Facebook
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