Miss Nepal Shatters Boundaries at the Latest Miss Universe Pageant

There are many events that we may watch on an annual basis. One of those that certainly has a high level of popularity is the Miss Universe competition.

This year, the 72nd Miss Universe competition was watched. There were many things of interest to watch during the pageant, but one that was overwhelming and well-supported was Miss Nepal.

22-year-old Miss Nepal, Jane Dipika Garrett, one that title earlier in the year and represented the nation in the competition. She held her own throughout the competition, but one of the most interesting things was the fact that she was the first plus-sized woman to be on the stage.


She is an advocate of body positivity and said: “As a curvy woman who doesn’t follow certain beauty standards, I’m here to represent all women.”

When the 22-year-old went out on stage, she was wearing a one-piece silver swimsuit. People were cheering at that time, and many viewers at home were also going on Twitter to express their opinions.

Although there were a few who didn’t have nice things to say, many people were pleased with the miss universe competition and with Miss Nepal, as she was really standing out above the rest. They said it was refreshing to see all types of body types in the competition.

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