Michael Jordan expresses his desire to “slap some sense” into Colin Kaepernick.


Michael Jordan shared his perspective that Colin Kaepernick should appreciate the chance to play, and he expressed a desire to enlighten him on this issue.

According to ALLOD, Michael Jordan, the acclaimed basketball player, expressed his frustration with liberal actions and stated that he would like to “slap some sense” into Colin Kaepernick. Jordan also reminisced about looking up to Kaepernick in the past and acknowledged his potential, becoming emotional while recalling how he witnessed many talented black athletes, including Kaepernick, express gratitude towards the nation that gave them the opportunity to achieve fame through sports.


He continued, “Kaep should just bite the bullet and cave in; it breaks my heart that he sucks now. Those lost years won’t appear again. He refused to support the song out of pure stubbornness. The song is the main factor in his freedom. The legendary former Bulls player responded, “There’s just no way to tell,” when asked why he believes Kaepernick does it. He claims it’s a protest, but what protest? If it’s about black men getting shot, as someone said, shouldn’t he be black if he’s going to ruin his career over it?

Jordan apologized and raised a fist in the air in support after describing Kaepernick’s background, but he was unable to go past the kneeling. “He must despise the military. There is just no other way to explain it.” Regrettably, Mr. Jordan likely has a point.

Before going and offending everyone by sitting instead of kneeling in protest, Kaepernick perhaps would have done better to consult a veteran.

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