Meet The Only Man In The World Who Can Touch This Polar Bear…And You Won’t Believe What Else He Can Do

I would say Mark Abbot Dumas has my dream job. The fearless animal trainer swims and naps with an 800 lb. polar bear that he trains for movies. The bear, named Agee, even lets Dumas stick his entire head inside her huge jaws.

Obviously, this is not a job for everyone but the trainer and animal share an incredibly intimate bond. Dumas, who has been working with polar bears for over 40 years, calls his work “play time.” By looks of these photos you can definitely see why…

If anyone else tried this they would end up Agee’s dinner…


Giving kisses as they play on the grass…


Tables turned: Dumas gives Agee a bear hug…


The two pals take some time out from training and relax on the grass…



Agee clamps her jaws around her trainers neck in an amazing demonstration of just how much trust their really is…


Dumas takes a picture of his gigantic friend as they take a swim together…


Mark and his wife Dawn took Agee on when she was just eight weeks old.

“She lived inside our home for the first few weeks and we hand-reared her.” Dumas told Daily Mail. Eventually she became too big and was moved to her own enclosure.

“We wrestle for fun and sometimes fall asleep on her grassy lawn together. It’s a great way to unwind after a bad day.  I feel pretty privileged to be able to nap with my head resting on a fully-grown polar bear.”

Yes, Mark Abbot Dumas, you are lucky indeed!


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