A man who sees desperate animals struggles to survive a flash flood until he dives into them and saves them all


Historic flash floods in many southern states, including Mississippi, have forced many people to flee their homes. Record rainfall makes life difficult for people. Many wild animals desperately sought higher lands and clung to branches or found land that was not yet under water.

See Animals Fighting Around Home In March 2016, brothers Frank and Joe Williams from Hernando, Mississippi decided to jump to work.

They boarded the boat and went to see if they could help some of the animals. Joe, who has a bow-hunting guide, carried his waders and plunged into the deluge to reach the animals that found spots in dry places or on branches they cling to.

While on their boat, they found Armadillo next to the possum and came to help them.


1596386823-9534-flood-man-2Screenshot via Frank Williams / Facebook
The flood ride wasn’t easy and Joe Woders stumbled a few times, but they always had a good sense of humor. Frank noted that Joe “spent more time facing the water than over it.” However, this did not stop him from getting to the animals.

1596386824-2500-flood-man-3Screenshot via Frank Williams / Facebook
Joe manages to catch several possums from the stern and return them back to the boat.

In the end, they rescued Armadillo and three possums along with many other little creatures that day.

1596386824-4205-flood-man-4Screenshot via Frank Williams / Facebook

Below is a video of part of their rescue efforts. After the flood waters had receded, the animals were all released. Great job, guys!

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