Man Quits Job To Build Dream Home With $9,000 In Six Weeks


Have you ever wished you could just walk away from your job and live off the grid? Well, Steve Areen did just that, for a mere $9,000. But it took moving to Thailand to make it a reality.

Areen made the decision to build his dream home after visiting his friend Hajjar Gibran.



Gibran had been building dome homes for his Thailand retreat center in 2011, and told Areen about just how inexpensive the homes could be made for.

Areen explained “[Hajjar] and his wife offered me a spot on their mango farm to build my own dome.”

Areen said that using Gibbran’s advice, he was able to put the home together within six weeks.

The cost for the basic structure was not even $6,000. Once Areen added finishing details and furniture, the final cost only got up to $9,000.


The house was built with cement blocks and clay bricks, Areen said in an interview with Inhabitat.


Though he put this one together in Thailand, he says that he is pricing some inexpensive property in Oregon to build another dome home.


Areen notes that while “this is in cost-friendly Thailand” the cost of putting such a house together would be much cheaper than traditional houses in the United Stats.


Would you trade living where you live for a house like this? $9,000 is less than the average rent for a year in America.


(Article by M.B. David)

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