Man gets walked like a dog in London. We have no idea, either

London commuters have been left puzzled by the strange sight of a well-dressed women leading a be-suited man like a dog  on a leash around the city.

The duo were spotted around walking around Farringdon station, and pictures of them soon began to emerge on social media.

The spectacled woman is nonchalantly carrying a purple handbag, her dark hair plaited down her back.

It’s possible that the man-dog walk was a PR stunt, but so far likely suspects Agent Provocateur and Peta have both confirmed it is nothing to do with them.

Photo and video evidence:


Watch the video:

Images of the bizarre scene quickly spread across social media and footage of the stunt was later sent to ITV London by a PR agency.

One user said: “Officially say weirdest thing.. Woman walking a man to work.. On a lead… On his hands and knees… Seriously!?!?”.

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