This Looks Like A Completely Normal Bike, Right? Wrong. Prepare For Total Brilliance.


Storing a bicycle can be a burdensome process, whether you’re a city dweller or if you live elsewhere. In the cities, where many people use bikes as their main mode of transportation, space is a highly sought after commodity. Using your living room or bedroom to store a bike is pretty common.

But thanks to the creative Gianluca Sada from Sada Bikes, the bike storage solution may have just been solved.

Not only will storing bikes be easier if you owned the Sada spokeless bike, but it would cut down on bike theft as well (since more people would be able to bring their bikes inside). To see it in action, watch the video below.


Source: Sada Bike via  My Modern Met

I’ll buy one of these… immediately. Hopefully these spokeless bicycles are mass produced very soon. Share this awesome product with others by clicking the button below.

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