For so long the neighbor saw a little boy at the window of an abandoned house


The Detroit Police Department recently broke into an abandoned house. The police officers, with a warrant in their hand, came in initially thinking that they would find drugs, but after looking around, they found something much more horrible!

There was no heating in the house, no toilets worked, and the house had no windows. Instead, seven children lived in indescribable misery. The children were between 9 months and 9 years old.


The situation in the house was tragic: there were no beds, feces-covered the entire floor, and a dead dog was rotting inside. Moreover, two firearms were found inside. One of the policemen declared that this is the worst case of negligence of minors that he has encountered in his entire 28-year career!


A police crew entered the house for a report, but they also found a strange woman there. However, she declined to answer questions.

The vast majority of the neighbors were amazed by this discovery, no one thought that anyone lived in that house. Only one neighbor told police that he saw at the only uncovered window a baby, a 5 or 6-year-old boy, completely naked on an extremely cold day.

All the children were taken to the hospital and are currently in the care of the foster carers from Child Protection. The children’s father was taken into custody and their mother was arrested.

Fortunately, the children are now in a warm place.

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