Your Live Is More Important Than Any Post Or Text. Take This And Live!

We have always thought that drinking is the worst enemy of driving. In the contrary, it has been shown that texting has caused a number of accidents compared to drinking in the recent past. Does that mean that technology is slowly becoming our enemy?

Though many assume that a text requires only a second to send it, it should be noted that in less than a second a lot can happen. It’s now a crime to text while driving in 45 states and 14 of the States have gone as far as prohibiting the use of the cellphones that are handheld when driving. A number of ads have also been put forward to discourage people from doing the same – despite all that, accidents from the same cause still occur.

Courtney Sanford’s story demonstrates best what a distraction can cause. Like most of us, Courtney had the passion of writing posts and taking selfies and posting them on Facebook. Even when she was driving, she could not put down the phone. On this day, she was posting photos when “Happy,” a popular song by Pharrell Williams started playing on the radio. The upbeat lyrics and peppy tune motivated the woman to make her final post. Her post was about how the HAPPY song makes her happy, but the happiness did not last. The result was something which was preventable.

People should note that human life is of great importance compare to any Facebook posts or texts. Patience should be observed until we have parked somewhere.

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Courtney was just thirty-two years old. She lived in North Carolina and had her whole life ahead of her.

crash1Facebook via Daily Mail

All of that changed when she took her eyes off the road to write this Facebook post. Its joyful message is the last thing her loved ones have to remember her by.


crash2-600x178Facebook via Daily Mail

Courtney crossed the center median and hit a recycling truck head-on. The driver of the truck escaped with his life, but Courtney died immediately just seconds after writing her Facebook post.

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A beautiful young life was ended that day for nothing but a silly Facebook post. The next time you bring your phone in the car, please remember Courtney’s tragic story before prioritizing a social media post over your life or someone else’s.

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We love Facebook as much as the next guy, but please put your phone down and remember to never text and drive or Facebook and drive! Please, please SHARE this powerful message with all of your friends!

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