This Little Girl’s First Reaction To Rain Is Something You’ll Never Forget


The curiosity and wonder of children is such a beautiful thing to watch! In December, 15-month-old Kaydendiscovered rain for the first time in usually sunny California. Her reaction is one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen!


Luckily, her mother Nicole Byon was there to film the toddler’s first experience with rain. Since Nicole posted the video on her Vimeo page, it has gone viral, gathering over 600,000 views! Watch the adorable video below and you’ll see why it’s become so popular!


With her arms stretched out in front of her, seemingly reaching for the sky, cutiepie Kayden beams as she feels the rain splash onto her skin. She is absolutely in awe of the raindrops, quietly repeating ‘wow’ to herself as she watches it fall. When she is taken inside to dry off, Kayden begins to cry and runs back into the rain!



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