The little girl thought it was a normal day, she came back from school calm and happy

The best part about giving someone a gift is seeing how they react when you receive it. There’s nothing quite like seeing their faces light up when they realize they’ve finally got their hands on something they’ve always wanted!

When a pair of parents gave their daughter a beautiful new kitten, they got a better response than they had hoped. To say that cute little baby was so happy would be the best of the month!


The small child can be seen walking into her room in a video uploaded online. When she appears, her father tells her to open the red box on her bedside table. She opens it, skeptical, to discover… nothing. Dad, you did a great job!


He pats himself on the back for the excellent joke (we suppose) and assures his daughter that she will indeed receive a gift. Then he displays a small basket with a cat. When she first sees it, she is completely taken aback and says, “Whose cat is this?”



The small girl is overtaken with emotion as she realizes that is a genuine cat waiting for her in the basket that she now owns. Her shock swiftly changes to joy as she cries over her future closest buddy.


There’s no doubting that these loving parents felt great pride in giving someone the purr-fect present. What a fortunate kitten to be adopted into a family who will adore it in every way! How could they not, given how much their youngest child adores her pet?


Check out the video below to witness the little girl’s adorable reaction to her new kitten, and don’t forget to tell your friends about it!

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