Abused Pit Bull Helps Little Boy With Autism Overcome His Social Anxiety. How Amazing Is This?

They call her Xena the Warrior Puppy, and that’s because she’s been through so much, but is now thriving with her new family. And not only is she happy and healthy, she has changed the life of Johnny, a little boy with Autism.

Johnny’s mother Linda happened across a news story about Xena one night, and was immediately heartsick for the poor, abandoned, abused puppy. Shelter volunteers weren’t sure that Xena would survive her abuse, but Linda kept praying for her, and through communication with the shelter, found out that slowly, Xena was recovering. An avid dog lover, Linda volunteered to adopt Xena.

Even though they had two dogs at home, Linda’s young son Johnny seemed to ignore them. Because of his Autism, it was hard for him to interact with people and animals, and would routinely have a hard time whenever he left the house. But the day that Xena came to their home, something changed in Johnny. Not only did he start to interact with her, the two became inseparable, and Xena has completely changed Johnny’s life for the better!


His open, friendly, and has a much easier time in school and around others – and all of it because of a pit bull puppy who sensed something in him that she knew all too well.

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