Kids Shock Struggling Grandma With A Surprise She NEVER Saw Coming

During the holiday season, a group of children wanted to give some strangers a little extra holiday cheer. With the help of their parents, the group decided to surprise unsuspecting people at their local grocery store and pay for all their Christmas presents and groceries. In the video, the thoughtful kids wander around the store and then surprise the strangers at the register. Just wait until you see their reactions!

First, they pick a grandmother, telling her that they’re paying for all her groceries. The woman politely declines but when the kids insist on paying, she breaks down into tears. Overcome with emotion, she thanks the kids for the wonderful gesture, saying they didn’t just make her day — they made her year. They kids even offer to carry all her bags to her car before sending her off. Then, they’re back into the store to surprise more customers, including a father who is left completely speechless.


The kids’ goal is to inspire others to practice kindness and pay it forward. This video is an inspiring look at how even a small gesture can make a HUGE difference is someone’s life.

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