Just Wait For The Last Few Seconds, It’s Unbelievable!


When self-professed “dog lover,” Officer Nick Sheppard responded to a call concerning a dog in need, he had no idea that when it was all said in done, he’d be walking away with a new friend!

Sheppard arrived on scene at this Plattsburg, Missouri neighborhood to find a poor dog, who after an attempt to hop a fence got his back paw stuck, was hanging upside down, scared, and in pain. When Sheppard finally freed the pup, he took off running.

After a few moments of looking for this adorable little pooch, Sheppard finally found him in the most unlikely of places! Although some of the camera shots are a little shakey, I promise you it’s worth the wait!


Get ready to laugh at 2:20! I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship! And don’t worry, a short time after this video was shot the dog was reunited with his owners.

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