Johnny Depp’s son, Jack Depp, is believed to bear a resemblance to the famous actor and is following in his father’s footsteps, which fills Johnny Depp with immense pride.

Amidst the recent negative news about Johnny Depp’s failed marriage to Amber Heard and the subsequent legal dispute that involved both parties withdrawing and filing counterclaims, it’s worth noting that Depp was in a committed relationship with his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis prior to that.

Johnny has two children with his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis and their son Jack is said to be the spitting image of his father Johnny.

When Jack Depp was 18 years old

Jack Depp was born on April 9, 2002 and has kept a low profile in Hollywood by avoiding major events, thus staying out of the mainstream media’s attention. However, he gained some public interest after turning 18 in 2020. Lily-Rose Depp, in an Instagram post wishing her younger brother a happy birthday, shared a picture of herself enjoying the sun while seated next to her suitcases. Jack’s striking resemblance to his father surprised many, as he seems to have inherited his father’s A-list haircut. Along with the picture, Lily-Rose wrote a heartwarming caption expressing her love for her younger brother.

Jack and Lily-Rose are really close. They were born in their mother’s native country two years apart. Both are able to speak French and English. When she was at school, Lily-Rose remembered once how they would secretly talk about personal matters in French so no one could understand.

“When my brother and I went to the same school, we could speak French and no one would understand us when we wanted to express something that was meant to be private,” says Lily-Rose.

This shows the deep bond between the siblings and it is clear that family is important to both Johnny and Vanessa.

When Jack chooses music as a career


Although Jack Depp, now 20 years old, did not set out to become an actor, he is well on his way to emulating his father’s musical career. When Johnny Depp dropped out of high school to pursue his musical goals with his guitar, he initially envisioned a future in music for himself. According to reports, Jack Depp is a member of the band “Clown Boners”.

Johnny is pleased with his son for choosing to pursue music instead of an acting career. He even has a tattoo of Jack’s name and a sparrow on his arm that closely resembles the one his character Captain Jack Sparrow has. Speaking to The Inquirer in 2014, Johnny said: “He’s an incredibly talented artist. He’s also an excellent musician. He has an amazing sense of it.” In the same interview, Johnny referred to his son as a “really excellent draftsman” and said he was relieved that Jack was not interested in acting.

Jack Depp, Johnny’s son, is his ideal clone.

Johnny loves his children very much, there is no doubt about that. Johnny said he stood up for his honor not only for himself but also for his children when the Amber Heard case dragged his name through the mud.

Johnny replied: “Because I knew there was absolutely no truth to it. In this situation, a Hollywood star believed it was his duty to defend not only himself but his children. I wanted to spare my children from reading this horrible, false information.” about their father they were forced to read.

Fans were surprised at how much his sibling resembled his father when Lily-Rose tweeted pictures of her brother celebrating his birthday while lounging in the sun. Responding to the image, one supporter wrote: “He’s truly divine, just like his father, my god. It’s amazing how similar they seem.”

Another supporter wrote: “He looks amazing, just like his dad. Positive qualities run in the family. Happy birthday!”

Johnny once said, “Family isn’t the important thing. It’s everything.”

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