Incredible Fairy Wire Sculptures Turn Any Backyard Into A Magical Garden.

Walking through any lush, beautiful garden may leave you with the distinct feeling that the classic movie The Secret Garden might have had it right. What if in these gardens there was a magical world just hiding out of sight? Are there fairies balanced on branches and hiding behind bushes? What if everything you hoped as a child was true?

A company in the United Kingdom specializes in transforming homes and gardens into beautiful places where magic seems real. They are able to make any mundane patch of grass absolutely enchanted. It’s easy to be left in awe, wondering just how they do it.


As disappointing as it is, their secret isn’t finding real fairies to place in gardens. They make them. Fantasy Wire is a company that creates intricate wire sculptures for clients. They start off with an idea or sketch, they slowly transform that outline into a “real” fairy.

To see even more incredible works by Fantasy Wire, check out their Facebook page. There is magic hiding in the world around you. They just help show it to you by giving people magical guardians to place in their back yard. You can also see more sculptures they have made by viewing them on Fantasy Wire’s website.

It’s amazing just how a backyard can be transformed. Share their amazing work with others by clicking on the button below.

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