If the family cannot buy a sister’s prom dress, the brother designs and sews it by hand.

If the family cannot buy a sister’s prom dress, the brother designs and sews it by hand.
When a Filipino family cannot afford to buy or rent a dress for their teenage daughter’s party, her older brother steps in to make her the most unusual dress – a ball gown that is more detailed and beautiful than anything else. she can imagine and what really suits her princess.

Renegade In this fairy tale, the cute older brother Francisco Oyao makes it clear that he and his younger sister have always been close. “She’s my favorite girl.” We have similar energies and share similar secrets. As her brother, I only want the best for her.”

“I was frustrated to see my little sister worry about missing the chance to get out of the park,” Maverick says.


“That’s why she took it upon herself to fulfill her dream.”

While his sister’s preferences came first, Oyao said the gorgeous blue butterfly-shaped dress was inspired by Michael Cinco’s spring collection. (He says his biggest ambition is to meet the designer and talk to him about the fashion industry.)

Fabrics are very cheap in the Philippines, according to Maverick, which is why the slick young man was still able to get his sister the prom dress of her dreams. Labor of love became a reality after finding cheap materials and preparing to sew intricate clothes for hours.



Maverick’s mother managed to sew clothes and Oyao thanks her for inspiring his vision and creativity. Even with these gifts, the dress was still a huge undertaking that Brother didn’t know where to start and almost gave up.

The defector persisted, realizing how much it meant to his sister. He comes home from school and spends hours on it. For the dress, he covered nine pieces of fabric with a satin ribbon mesh pattern. Then the flowers were sewn from above with centers of beads. Matching the skirt element of the dress, the bodice was hand painted in a blue ombre.


“At times I felt overwhelmed, but visualizing the result gave me the energy to keep working,” Oyao told Florida News. During the difficult process of making garments, his love for his sister was the driving force and source of motivation.


“We cried while getting dressed on picnic day,” Maverick recalled. “Watching the dress come to life and see my sister cry with excitement is exactly why the dress was designed for her.”


But Big Brother Shepherd didn’t stop there. He wants to make a YouTube video (after he fixes his phone!) showing how to make a homemade dress so anyone can do it and every teenage girl can go to the prom in a great dress.

“I’m lucky with her and she’s so lucky with me,” added Maverick. “And to all you brothers out there, let’s treat our little sisters like princesses!”

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