The husband has just learned that his wife made a funny joke about him years after she died


A man recently discovered that his late wife was a clown to the end. Nigel Fitton’s wife, Phedre Fitton, died in 2013, but shortly before she died, she asked Nigel to continue watering the plants in her bathroom in South Africa.

He faithfully fulfilled Vider’s wishes for several years, until recently when he was preparing to move into a retirement home. Then his daughter Antonia Nicole made him understand that the plants he had faithfully watered for years were actually made of plastic!

Antonia, a firefighter from London, shared the last laugh of her late mother on Twitter, writing: “Before my mother died, she gave my father strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom. He religiously poured them and kept them alive to look so cool that he decided to take them to his new home just to find out. They are made of plastic! Mama can be heard laughing. ”

She later tweeted that her mother was an “absolute legend” with a “sense of humor”. Her father liked the story so much that he reenacted Fern Watering.

She later told the Huffington Post that she and her father shared hearty laughs at the joke and were pleased with the people who responded to her tweets.

Of her mother, she said: “He would have tickled her so hard to know that he was doing it.” “It also inspired people to talk about losing loved ones,” she added. “In times of bad news, it was really nice to talk about something really nice.”

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