Horse Breaks Into Barn Overnight, Steals ALL The Food! Dad Hysterically Caught Her In The Act!

Daisy girl, you’re in trouble. This is so funny!

Dad was not very pleased when he awoke one morning on the farm, only to find someone had completely raided all the horse feed in the barn. As he approaches the barn to investigate further, the other farm animals scurry off. “It wasn’t me! The perpetrator’s inside!”

And yes, she definitely was. Upon entering the barn and turning on the lights, Dad catches Daisy, his beautiful Clydesdale, standing there after having broken out of her stall and into the barn, and with a guilty expression. LOL! She knows what she did!


I’ve seen dogs get busted for being naughty, but a horse?! I can’t help but laugh! Don’t be too hard on her, Dad!

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