Hikers rescue an injured dog that was stuck on a mountain for 4 days after the owner posted a Facebook appeal


The family is grateful that their dog is safe and lively thanks to a group of strangers who have come to help out in their need.

Amanda McGregor’s Chocolate Labrador Retever, Louie, gets into trouble after going out with Amanda’s daughter Janessa. Ganessa regularly walks the 5 year old dog, but on that occasion Lowe is injured and unable to walk.

The two hiked in the mountains around Chilliwack, British Columbia on Saturday, but they didn’t return when it was scheduled for a Sunday afternoon. Amanda was starting to feel scared. I later heard from another park that Lowe had been hit and couldn’t go under. Janessa couldn’t hold Lowe either, as he weighs 90 pounds.

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Amanda called the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police who said they would have to wait until Monday to see if they did, but only Janessa is out of the woods to get more food and water for the WWE. At that point, the family was told that the authorities would not approve nonhuman rescue, and Amanda instead turned to the local hiking community for help.

“A request for help … I’m not sure if you can help or not, but maybe you’re pointing us in the right direction,” she wrote on Facebook at the Chilliwack BC Hiking Club. “Our hiking enthusiast daughter climbed to Radium Lake on Saturday … I took our dog with me in company. You should be on Monday afternoon, but something happened to the dog and he can’t come back down.”

Amanda added, “She came back yesterday to fetch more supplies after we ran out of water and food for a day and so did the dog.” “Her dad and I tried to help her yesterday, but we were in our fifties and never climbed like this before we couldn’t get to the lake and weren’t sure how short we were. Is there a way she can for help to get her and the dog back from the mountain: “We’ll happily pay for it … Thanks to Amanda and John.”

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Within minutes, members of the hiking community began formulating a plan to help and assemble the equipment they needed. They met Amanda and John on the trail on a Wednesday afternoon and set off – by that time Janessa and Lowe had spent 4 nights on the mountain.

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The group of volunteer lifeguards met Janessa shortly afterwards when Janessa was carrying the dog alone on her back. “I carried the dog down the hill.” Amanda told Chilliwack Progress that she hadn’t gone far, she was carrying him on her back when he fell and stumbled. “She loves this dog.” Two other hikers tried to help her. Set up a stretcher. But when the hikers got to them. Others manage to carry Lowe on a suitable stretcher and carry him the rest of the way.

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Louie was not yet out of the woods and had to spend several days in the hospital treating infection (from multiple wounds) and dehydration. The family soon raised several thousand dollars in veterinary bills, which was another problem for the family. But the community got involved and helped a second time by creating the family’s GoFundMe page, which quickly reached its $ 4,000 goal.

Amanda says she is very grateful to the people who have come to help. She said, “In this day and age, to find out that the people out there are doing this. This is a positive story about the people.”

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