This guy was angry and looking for a fight. When the window rolled down, though, he saw someone he wasn’t expecting to see.

A dog was used as a unique deterrent against road rage in footage from a Russian dashboard camera.

Although dash cams, which are especially popular in Russia, are meant to protect a driver from things like accidents and insurance, they’re also known for capturing pretty much anything, including road rage incidents.

In one video posted to YouTube on Sunday, what appears to be a road rage altercation begins as one man steps out of his car and approaches the truck in front of him. When the angry man reaches the truck, the driver rolls down his back window instead of the driver’s side window.


A large, aggressive dog sticks his head out the window suddenly and the driver inches forward to place the dog in front of the angered man.

The upset man eventually backs down and slips back into his car without ever confronting the truck driver.

To date, the video has accumulated 800,000 views.

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