Great white shark smashes diver’s cage in terrifying combat


On a recent trip to the island of Guadeloupe, this man witnessed a rare and utterly gruesome incident during a large expedition in a cage with great white sharks. The shark fell off the bait when it broke the edge of the cage!

YouTubers Gabe and Garrett describe the cool moment:

“On a recent cage dive with a great white shark, we witnessed a very rare instance of a shark piercing the edge of the cage. What appears to be an aggressive great white shark trying to attack a cage is not the case. These wonderful sharks bite off large pieces of tuna. Tied to a rope. If a great white shark falls and bites something, it will temporarily go blind. They also cannot swim back. So this shark got into the bait and accidentally hit the side of the cage and was most likely confused and could not swim away, so he hurried forward. He broke the metal rod of the cage. ”


“There was a diver in the cage. He landed outside the cage and looked down at two great white sharks. The diver was an experienced instructor and he remained calm, and when the shark again hit the outside of the cage, the diver quietly swam and got up. out. “Safe and sound.”

“The boat crew did a great job lifting the top of the cage, analyzing the restless situation, and after a few long seconds, the shark came out. The next day, everyone in the boat returned to their cages and found it to be a very rare occurrence. The boat owner, captain and crew are commendable. I’m sure God and luck have something to do with this too! ‘

I’m glad that no one was hurt in the accident, but it’s no less awful. Share this video with your friends!

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