Grandson Of Elvis Presley Steals The Show On The Voice


At one of the previous auditions on The Voice Australia, 24-year-old Dakota Striplin also showed his singing talent, admitting to the judges after his performance that he is most likely the grandson of the famous singer Elvis Presley.

There, he presented his singing talent with a song originally performed by Elvis Presley, and with his performance, he impressed the female part of the jury.

Years ago, Dakota Striplin auditioned for The Voice Australia, and his performance sparked enthusiasm. Videos of his performance have already garnered more than 30 million views online.

On the stage of The Voice show, he presented himself by singing the song ‘Love Me Tender’, which was presented to the public back in 1956 by the legendary musician Elvis Presley.

Listen to the talented grandson of famed singer Elvis Presley as he auditioned with his song ‘Love Me Tender’ at The Voice Australia. Will he impress you too with his wonderful performance?

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