Grandma laughs as she reads a book to her grandson, she has Internet laughter with her


Reading to children is fundamental to their mental development and language skills, and it can also be fun. Just ask that grandma. She enjoys the book she reads to her grandson so much that she can’t stop laughing.

Janice Clark has won admiration from fans around the world after spreading this video showing her laughing while reading the baby book The Wonky Donkey that Craig Smith wrote for her four month old grandson.

The book has long been a favorite of children and parents and tells the story of a three-legged donkey who adds a new adjective to its name with each page until it is finally known to be a gritty, serviceable, whimsical, whimsical. Honky Tonky Winky Winky shook his ass.

In the hilarious footage, Janice is seen doing her best to include her grandson, but it doesn’t take long before she falls into a fit of laughter.

Of course your grandson is too young to know what’s so funny, but it’s surprising and ridiculous to see reading time so much fun.

Not only did the novelty spread, the video was hugely popular. The Wonkey Donkey was temporarily sold worldwide!

Have a laugh with her in the video below.

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