A good man buys turtles from the grocery store and releases them

When Aaron Colling saw a sea turtle at a local market in Papua New Guinea, he knew that it would soon be bought and eaten.

Then I bought it for $ 50, but not for lunch. Instead, Aaron and his friend Mark make a spontaneous rescue that they posted on Facebook.

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Aaron wrote on Facebook: “[F] urged them to do this in the local market for $ 50. They moved 5 kilometers down the street and let them get away.”

He took the turtle out of his car and carried it to the bank, where he brought it back to the sea.

Aaron said that a pair of turtles are “9/10 rooms that I bought went and went”.

There are seven species of sea turtles, six of which are classified as endangered. However, turtles are legal in many countries.

Through their compassionate actions, Aaron and Mark play a subordinate role in the protection of sea turtles.

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