Goldberg from ‘The View’ is sent to a six-month rehabilitation program.

Being the host of a popular television show can subject one to various types of unwarranted pressure in the persistent hold of Hollywood. Whoopi Goldberg happens to be one of those individuals.

The View has been a mainstay to America, on the air since 1997 and still going relatively strong. Although former hosts like Barbara Walters have long since gone, Whoopi has been around for quite some time and currently, the cracks are really showing.

Her daily and unhinged rants against subjects like favorite target twice-impeached President Donald Trump, Republicans, and, for some reason last week, daylight savings time, have sent a message to ABC executives like Director of Maniacs Joe Barron that Whoopi, is in need of a recalibrating.


“We’re sending her to a place called the Queefington Home for a six-week stay,” he told the Associated press. “She’s going to relax and get all the care she needs.”

Goldberg herself wasn’t too keen on the idea, putting up a fight with network security guards for nearly two hours, during which, three were killed and two injured.

“I’m not going to rehab!” she screamed, even as the armed individuals clapped handcuffs on her and placed her in one of those Hannibal Lecter kind of rolling anti-Segways.

Goldberg will be replaced on the program by commentator Kathy Griffin until her time is finished. Happy trails, Whoopi!

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