The girls’ choir mesmerizes the audience with an angelic version of Edelweiss


When the little Armenian singers took the stage, the audience realized that the girls’ choir was good, and they didn’t know that they were at such a special reception!

The group has won numerous awards in their homeland and throughout the European Union, and their skill is fully demonstrated in this beautiful performance of the famous classic.

A choir of 59 people (11-18 years old) sings Edelweiss from The Sound of Music.


The familiar tone matches perfectly with their clear and clear voices.

After listening, one person commented, “I don’t know if you sing like angels or angels … It was magic.”

“This rendering is surreal. With such a slow rhythm, with incredible precision for dynamic control, you can only imagine an amazing workout behind the scenes. I have a feeling that at least 50% of the singers have perfect pitch … this is perhaps the best children’s choir in the world. On par with the Vienna Boys’ Choir, ”says another.

Hear you for her wonderful performance.

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