The full moon, thunder and solar eclipse, the largest energy transition by 2020, will take place on the weekend


Have you seen this severe weather lately, whether you like it or not; What follows is a wonderful gift of a lunar eclipse that everyone will enjoy.

In early July, the third and final period of the solar eclipse of the season coincides with the sequence Cancer / Capricorn.

Social divergence faces many challenges, even if the “social butterfly” is not homosexual. If we cannot decide where we want to go and what we want to do, even the most experienced introvert can be frustrating. This special event of the Thunder Moon’s lunar eclipse will cause many massive sighs of relief to get a chance to catch something special.

Thunder Moon lunar eclipse explains:

It should be recognized that the calendar of the old farmer, called the thunder moon because of the frequency of thunderstorms this month, is called the Pak moon by the Indian tribes, as deer horns begin to grow at this time of the year. Basically, this is a combination of two amazing miracles.

The first is the full moon that we have all heard about, and the second is the lunar eclipse, which most people have never heard of or even seen. A penipral lunar eclipse is less difficult and difficult to detect than a clearly defined total or partial eclipse.

A shadow is a limited shadow of the Earth, and when the moon moves through this shadow, it is called a lunar eclipse. During this event, the moon is partially obscured, making it difficult to clearly see the event.


You can give the impression that a welcome change of calm or a feeling of clarity takes place in July, but it is also the time when the seeds of change are rooted in the next phase of 2020, especially in September.

March Retrograde, the time of confrontation and the well-known ping will begin in September and will lead us in the last months of 2020 to a new solar eclipse by November.

In 2020 there will be an amazing amount of eclipses – we usually only have 4 per year, so this year is special.

Pay attention to the importance of taking hard times and enjoying the journey of curves and landings. If you give up, you will receive success and joy in life.

2020 has always been a big year with big changes for all of us.

August and July will enable renewal and bring the stunning Gate of Sirius to the brilliance of charged energy in our unit.

To release what is holding us back, which may be harmful to our growth, to leave us and enjoy the freedom and beauty that arise when we release the unnecessary in our lives, is one of the most useful events that we can offer.

We value this precious gift and the feeling that the journey I took has become more meaningful.

What do you think?