The full moon in Aquarius on August 3rd will lead to emotional excitement


The symbolic meaning of Aquarius is mercy, and this sign shows a woman carrying a jug of water on her shoulder. Water refers to the deep feelings, pain and discord in the universe, while women represent healers in all of us.

Although these emotions mean “heavy”, Aquarius has the innate ability to transform them into light. Water flows out of it without being absorbed or becoming part of it. Her ability to search for the truth by using her high mind to purify water before returning to Earth is the essence of it being an air sign.

The greatest challenge we all face on our path to enlightenment or higher awareness is how our world suffers. We all have hydropower within us, and especially with this full moon, guidance will come to create healing, lightness, and love for everyone.

Related questions need to be asked, such as: How can it be a symbol of happiness that radiates love when there is an abundance of pain and suffering around us? How can you live in a “bubble of love and light” while being surrounded by war, fear and desperate hunger every minute of every day?

Since February we have had no normal full moon, all of them super fractures or lunar eclipses. In August this full moon was called Sturgeon Moon and the reason is that it corresponds to the heavy fish transfers. The other names are Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon and they will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and be absent around the world at sunrise.

This full moon balances with Uranus in the bull, strongly suggesting “expect the unexpected and prepare for excessive emotional pushing”.

Challenge for each other, since the sun and moon face each other, Leo and Aquarius are at odds, which will create a series of strong emotions. Some of them are very strong and tough, but they are also tonic and inspiring, which takes us on a cosmic journey of loops and boundaries and pushes us to our limits.

Creativity and childhood are shaped by Leo’s sun, while the full moon in Aquarius is a powerful dose of intrusive bright light that burns his justification and can blind Leo’s ruthless creativity. Aquarius works systematically, while Liu works from the heart – this can lead to a strong conflict.

Break down barriers and pave the way to happier and more functional patterns. This combination of Aquarius is the changing leader who is willing to make sacrifices and not follow the rules to quickly overcome these emotional barriers. Leo has a lot of confidence in his own story and his generosity and huge goals cause conflict because both have to be right. Aquarius can be almost mean and ruthless when its intelligence or misunderstanding is undermined rather than being taken objectively. It feels like the water is flowing with the feeling of being tied to the right place regardless of anything.

Our focus during this somewhat turbulent time before, during and after this full moon is to be aware of the size of the psychic and physical energies and the improved emotional state in which we will all be. It will be our challenge to find ways to communicate more effectively without anger.

What do you think?