They Found The Runt Of The Litter Dead At The Bottom Of The Pile. Or So They Thought…


This small litter of kittens was found in terrible shape. They were nearly killed by their flea infestation, their eyes were badly infected and their mother was malnourished and semi-feral. The cats were in dire need of some human assistance. A Good Samaritan brought the kittens in to the Fabulous Felines NWA cat rescue to get help. It looked like all of them would make a recovery… except for one.

He was the runt, and he was in bad shape.


Even though Stuart started out in a much worse condition compared to his siblings Gravy, Biscuit, Omelette, Oatmeal, Pancake, and Pop Tart (he managed to get away with a non-breakfast food name), he ended up making a marvelous recovery thanks to his fighting spirit and kind hearted rescue workers. There are more neglected and homeless kitties in the world than you realize. What the people at Fabulous Felines and other rescues do to help these animals is truly touching. If you’d like to find out about how you can help foster or adopt cats in need, visit the Fabulous Felines NWA site or Facebook page.

Stuart Little is an amazing fighter. Share his story with others.

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